GrowpHicial is an exclusive network of cannabis activists, agronomists, cultivators, educators, and free thinkers from jurisdictions all around the world who have come together to provide a revolutionary, internet based seed to shelf solution for the global cannabis community where the users earn while they learn about cannabis on the platform.

Where else can you earn cash or cannabis just for logging on and inviting your friends to log on and do the same?

Where else can you hang out and have daily sessions with a global cannabis community?

Where else can you submit your questions and have actual experienced cannabis community representatives provide answers just for being a member?

Where else do you get 24/7/365 access to activists, cultivators, and educators on all things cannabis?

Where else are you invited to promote your personal brand through your membership?

Where else can you watch live stream video straight from the grow room of a certified GrowpHicial system user in your jurisdiction?

And did I mention, I cant remember if I did or not, that you earn just logging on to the platform and inviting your friends to do the same?

Does it sound to good to be true?

Well it isn't; it's just better than anything you've been exposed to so far so if you haven't registered for the GrowpHicial platform yet then be sure to do so now and immediately begin to earn while you learn!!!


GrowpHicial is an online cannabis community resource with tools and mentors available 24/7/365 to help users from around the world to have a seed to shelf solution while also allowing them to earn while they learn. We have many tools to help with this mission and here are just a few of them...


Registered users have access to every single cannabis related video that we have been able to find and archive. Every time you see a new story dominating the newsfeeds, you can rest assured that the community will bring it to our attention and the story will be archived for future reference.


Registered users have access to the live streams coming from licensed and legal cannabis cultivators personal grow rooms. You can watch and learn in real time and you can also ask questions in real time while the growers are actually working. No where else can you get this type of specific seed to shelf instruction except on the GrowpHicial platform.


Registered users have access to our question and answer portal that allows users to submit questions to be answered by our panel of experienced activists and legal experts live during our scheduled broadcasts. These are just a couple of features available for free - 24/7/365!!!

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